Hello and welcome to the Dark Side! I am your host, Richard 'Kurogo' Palmer, the Original Man in Black (after Johnny Cash). Writer and Artist of fan-fiction of all kinds. after much delay I've Collected my three ongoing series and placed them all here on my own web page. and for all you fan's of the dark man who've supported me since my first piece of writing appeared on the net in 1998, THANK YOU!!
     Now, there are those of you who have never been subjected to a Kurogo fic before. I will not pretend that I'm a great writer, there are thousands out there better than I am. But the Man in Black has picked up a following. and this site is dedicated to those who helped me as I struggled to realize my career. it's for those people who helped me decide to pursue a career in the Comic book field. It's for those who told me I might even be able to bring some respect back to the American comic book industry.
    Those people have a special place on my page as well as in my heart. I hope to see you all when I have established myself in the industry.



Based off of Rumiko Takahashi's Ranma 1/2

Richard Palmer

Boy Scouts 1/2
Matthew Atanian

Based off of SNK's the King Of Fighters

Richard Palmer

A Collection of Stories and Art

William Pall and Gyokuran

Based Off of Generation X

Richard 'Kurogo' Palmer

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