Well If you've found you way here and have not been frightened off by the freak to the left, this is my homepage. this is my personal page where I will share a little about myself. also here I will add certain added tidbits to this page, like a monthly film review, artwork done that doesn't necessarily pertain to any of my fan-fiction series. and hopefully a guest art-section (I've had a couple of volunteers and am always looking for more).

Anyway, about myself (and feel free to skip this if you just don't care), I spent the better part of my high school life studying for a job in the film industry. After I graduated the studying continued. I enrolled in College to try to get the education I needed to be a film director. after about two or three years I became discouraged. I dropped out and began working for my father co-designing his companies WebPages. late in December that same year I was struck with inspiration and enrolled in an  Art College to work towards a career in the comic book industry. you see for years I was a big fan of some of the Manga titles imported from Japan, but had little interest in the stuff we had over here. I felt that the Japanese comic book industry was better because there the comic book industry was seen as a serious artistic field, whereas here, you're likely to get ridiculed for it. after a while I realized that the comic book industry here could be taken just as serious with a few tweaks. By this time I had gotten some responses to some of my fan-fiction and I realized that much of what might bring respect to the industry lay right under my nose with my years as a film student. I am now working on such works as a Comedy/ Drama that will (hopefully) stand alone as a series that does NOT rely on science fiction or excessive action.

Kurogo's Obligatory Film Reviews

Here, monthly will be Kurogo's Obligatory Movie Review, Generally these will be movies I've singled out to see beforehand, but I'm always open for suggestions for possible reviews. Keep in mind these reviews will not always be the box office smashes, but sometimes films released in the small independent theaters or even films newly released to video

This month's Movie: Scrooged

Last month's movie: Little Nicky

October's movie: none

September's movie: Princess Mononoke


Kurogo Art

More of My artwork, mostly of preexisting characters. just like the rest of my artwork on this page it's been done on Microsoft's paintbrush program, which is, quite frankly, like trying to paint a house with a toothbrush. Hopefully one day I'll Be able to use a program like Illustrator with enough skill that I can illustrate with that program instead. but for now, this is the only illustration program I know how use.

Earthquake.GIF (21578 bytes) Gen-an Shiranui.GIF (13161 bytes) Ha-oh Maru.GIF (15741 bytes) Genjuro Kubigami.GIF (15244 bytes) Shizumaru Hisame.GIF (15798 bytes) Shiro Amakusa.GIF (24586 bytes) Neinhalt Sieger.GIF (16418 bytes) Basara Kubigiri.GIF (17129 bytes) Nakoruru.GIF (30335 bytes) Galford.GIF (23666 bytes) Charlotte.GIF (12509 bytes) Caffeine Nicotine.GIF (13521 bytes) Gaira Kafuin.GIF (18876 bytes) Rimururu.GIF (16246 bytes) Tam-Tam.GIF (19341 bytes) Cham-Cham.GIF (23829 bytes) Kyoshiro Senryo.GIF (20271 bytes) Kyoshiro Senryo 2.GIF (21091 bytes) Hanzo Hattori.GIF (14509 bytes) Ukyo Tachibana.GIF (14640 bytes) Jubei Yagyu.GIF (17746 bytes) Wan-fu.GIF (16214 bytes) Kazuki Kazama.GIF (17888 bytes) Sogetsu Kazama.GIF (16543 bytes) Kyrokou.GIF (14446 bytes) Rashoujin Mizuki.GIF (26994 bytes) Zankuro Minizuki.GIF (20263 bytes) Cody.GIF (11299 bytes) Ryu.GIF (10836 bytes) Ken.GIF (9700 bytes) Birdie.GIF (12805 bytes) Rolento.GIF (9001 bytes) Doctrine Dark.GIF (12731 bytes) Guy.GIF (9176 bytes) Dee Jay.GIF (10088 bytes) Dhalsim.GIF (10459 bytes) Adon.GIF (11520 bytes) Blanka.GIF (14078 bytes) Dan.GIF (9568 bytes) Guile.GIF (11835 bytes) Charlie.GIF (10633 bytes) Rose.GIF (13695 bytes) Gen.GIF (9598 bytes) Sakura.GIF (9196 bytes) Akuma.GIF (12069 bytes) E. Honda.GIF (11463 bytes) Fei Long.GIF (9959 bytes) Dudley.GIF (10649 bytes) Necro.GIF (12093 bytes) Oro.GIF (11275 bytes) Elena.GIF (8537 bytes) Alex.GIF (13644 bytes) Hugo Andore.GIF (10920 bytes) Balrog.GIF (11846 bytes) Vega.GIF (11061 bytes) Sagat.GIF (12657 bytes) M. Bison.GIF (13260 bytes) Tarintino Gen-X.GIF (24256 bytes)

a gift to the 'Kindred Spirits' Website

Skitz.GIF (22278 bytes) Aura.GIF (26191 bytes) a gift to Richard Bonstein Sampson Jr. 
Based off of his characters from the Cale story line.

  Wolverine.GIF (14264 bytes) Magneto.GIF (16921 bytes) Apocolypse.GIF (23101 bytes) Mr.Sinister.GIF (25028 bytes) Juggernaut.GIF (17186 bytes) Sabretooth.GIF (16932 bytes) the Blob.GIF (15054 bytes) Mojo.GIF (22136 bytes)

Spike Spiegel.GIF (13158 bytes) Faye Valentine.GIF (14317 bytes) Jet Black.GIF (20510 bytes) Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tevrusky 4rth.GIF (12652 bytes) Ein.GIF (4168 bytes) Lum.GIF (13637 bytes) Ataru Moroboshi.GIF (9163 bytes) Mujaki.GIF (8790 bytes)

Follow this Hyperlink for my WWF artwork

Guest Art

Artwork given to me by friends and other fellow artists.

a pencil Drawing of Balam from the 
Wild Ones series done by Tigrr Wildcatt.

Tigrr-balam.GIF (153011 bytes)

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